On a rough road into the Danube Delta


By hydrofoil through the Danube Delta. Photos: Sabine Sopha, Wolf Henze

"Tell me, have you seen a branch to the ferry somewhere," I said to the best passenger, while we were already doing the second round on the main street of the small town Nufaru with the "mountain goat". "Nope," she kisses and then brings us the third round through the village. Now all the side streets in Nufaru looked like court entrances or dirt roads and not like real roads, but no matter, we just turned off and lo and behold, only a few hundred meters further on there was a steep Lehmberg downhill and down in the river was moored a material Barge with a small tugboat on the long side.

With the "mountain goat" on the "ferry"

We had arrived, obviously, because that was probably the ferry that leads over the Saint George arm of the Danube directly into the delta, but always via the tributary to the small settlement Ilganii de Jos. This ferry is already memorable, witty and the price table for their use. It contained at least one hundred positions. One would not suppose that there could be so many different vehicle classes in Romania or anywhere else on the planet. But no matter, something paid around a euro converted and going on the ride could go, but I was a little worried because I had no chance to leave the "mountain goat" during the crossing. Good only that Sabine had gone on board on foot and relaxed at the stern of the barge could stand. Anyway, I was glad when we reached the opposite shore after a few minutes.


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