Where the "black sun" shines

Vadehavs Camping offers tranquility, great nature on the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site and a state-of-the-art camping and motorhome park


Vadehavs Camping on the Wadden Sea in Emmerlev Klev. Photos / video: eidermedia / Henze

Sometimes they call it the black sun, our Danish neighbors. It is an extremely remarkable natural spectacle that darkens the sky almost every day from mid-September to October. Thousands of starlings fly in formation at dusk, which attracts observers and ornithologists to the area of ​​the North Sea coast from Aventoft, near the German-Danish border, up to the dam to Romø. Campers and mobile home owners who head for Vadehavs Camping in Emmerlev Klev are practically at the heart of the flying practice lessons, which are actually supposed to create the defense or confusion of hunting birds. Vadehavs Camping is a completely refurbished holiday complex that combines the advantages of a classic camping site with those of a state-of-the-art motorhome site. A haven of peace with a lot of nature all around, located in rural seclusion, which is primarily aimed at older and mobile campers and motorhome enthusiasts.

Starlings in Hojer. Photo: Tommy Hansen

The landscape is vast, the view is almost limitless. Across the mudflats to the island of Sylt or across huge green areas with lakes, ponds, drainage ditches and other wetlands. Emmerlev Klev is indeed a little out of the way, right on the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site and is extremely quiet even by Danish standards. The small evacuation of the municipality of Højer consists of a handful of houses, a hotel, two apartment blocks, a farm and Vadehavs Camping.

The beaches of the North Sea attract guests to the region in the summer months, while in the other seasons it is primarily the encounters with nature that offer a diverse range of options.


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