Cuxhaven: At a gallop through the mudflats

Duhner Wattrennen takes place with an incidence below 35 with up to 10.000 visitors


Duhner Wattrennen. Photo: Maria Fencik

The return to normalcy is a great wish of many people in these pandemic times. With commitment, perseverance and perseverance, the Presidium of the Duhner Wading Association, despite the current incidence development, campaigned for the Duhner Wading Race to take place on August 29, 2021. This commitment was rewarded because the hygiene concepts required for the major event were approved by the health department of the district of Cuxhaven.

"For us, an important milestone has been reached in the preparations for this year's wading race," said President of the Duhner wading race, Jos van der Meer, very pleased with the good news from the authorities. "It is simply important to us that a major event finally takes place in Cuxhaven, because Corona itself will be with us for a long time to come."

The organizers are not put off by the current trend in incidence, although there is still a fundamental risk that the event will have to be canceled if the incidence is over 35. In addition to the increased effort of all those involved, who have to do the preparations, which otherwise take months, in a few weeks, the official requirements for implementation under pandemic conditions demand higher costs of almost EUR 20.000 for the measures and significantly more voluntary personnel expenditure. "Due to the good financial position of the Wadden Club, we as the organizer can and want to take the risk and make our contribution to helping to return to normality with the implementation of the Duhner Wadden Club," said the President hopefully. Jos van der Meer also sees another reason for motivation with a view to the sporting part of the event, that horse races of this kind have to take place again as soon as possible in order to secure and support the preservation of the racing stables.

The tireless efforts of the Wattrennverein have also arrived in Hanover: The Deputy Prime Minister of Lower Saxony and Minister for Economics, Labor, Transport and Digitization, Dr. Bernd Althusmann will take part in the Duhner Wadden race on August 29th as a guest of honor and present the winner with the trophy from the Minister President of Lower Saxony.

Advance ticket sales will not be available this year, and tickets for the seats are only available at the box offices. To protect the health of all visitors, everyone who wants to enter the event area must either be vaccinated or recovered or have a corona test that must not be older than 24 hours. Although numerous test centers around the event site will be open on the day of the event, the organizers recommend carrying out the corona test the day before so that there are no crowds and waiting times. The visitors are documented via the Luca app or via an accreditation form that is available on can be downloaded for faster entry. Either a minimum distance of 1,50 m must be maintained on the event site or a protective mask must be worn. Due to the more complex entrance control, a higher expenditure of time is to be expected at the entrance.

All information about the event will be on updated promptly.


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