Camping nicer: Off to the Baltic States

6. August 2021 0

“I don't even know how to do it,” the very handsome young lady crowed loudly over the Tehumardi campsite on the Estonian island of Saaremaa. Seconds earlier, she had opened the flap to the sewage container in her motorhome. [...]


Smalininkai: Small place, big challenge

17 JULY 2019 0

Smalininkai, or Schmalleningken, as the small town until 1945 was called, is the only former East Prussian community, which lies north of the Memel and therefore belongs to Lithuania today. About three years ago, I heard the ever [...]

Baltic states

Mikelbaka: a relaxing holiday on the Latvian coast

6. August 2018 0

Mikeltornis (wwot) - After about 40 more or less dead straight kilometers on the state road P 124, turn left and the rest of the way on gravel road and narrow gravel paths until the sign "Kempings Mikelbaka" [...]

Baltic states

Cape Kolka: On rough roads through "Latvian Canada"

31 JULY 2018 0

Ventspils / Mikeltornis (wwot) - The Baltic States, i.e. all three Baltic republics of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia together, are of manageable geographical dimensions. 600 kilometers high, 400 wide, at least roughly. We have been since the early 1990s [...]

Baltic states

Silent days in the sand: Rescue is coming!

16th of June 2018 0

Verbelnieki, a very beautiful campsite just a few kilometers south of the Latvian port Liepaja. There we had spent a few quiet days, but this time it was a little different. The owner had us in advance [...]

Baltic states

Insider's tip: Cold beetroot soup

28. January 2018 0

Several trips in recent years led professionally or privately caused repeatedly in the Lithuanian Memel region, between the city of Kaunas and the river delta at the Curonian Lagoon. Around 200 kilometers the River Region of [...]


Here as download: Baltic Camping Card 2018

19. January 2018 0

Tallinn / Riga / Vilnius / Sehestedt (www) - It is not serious to deny, but the first camping trip of the editors after several years break in the summer 2010 in the Baltic States was more of the need sprung. The emergency, not in high season [...]


Terrible Schaktarp: If nothing works

23. October 2017 1

Minija (wwot) - gravel roads, monstrous potholes, mended asphalt - sometimes traffic calming is done on Lithuanian roads in a natural way, so to speak. Attention is required and how automatically the driver slows down - what [...]

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