Ringed geese on the Hallig Langeness. Photo: Henze

There are places, encounters or experiences that never let you go again. Simply because they were fantastic. It is not a question of whether this assessment withstands objective considerations or criteria, but only how this place, an encounter or an experience has memorably influenced one's self. The editors of worldwideontour.de start now with "fabulous" a new column, with stories, whose topics just exactly this effect on the authors produced.

The stories in this section - which are otherwise thematically assigned correctly in terms of content in worldwideontour.de - have the aim of perhaps causing one or the other reader to want to experience something similar and to be able to understand the special spirit of the stories and their content. Sabine Sopha and Wolf Henze hope you enjoy reading


Seafaring up close.

Cuxhaven - Fascinating city at the mouth of the Elbe





Fiede Nissen in the Wadden Sea.

Fiede Nissen, the Lore and the Wadden Sea - With the motor cart to the Halligen

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